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Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing in Virginia

Sanding your hardwood floors is not something that should be made into a DIY project. Sure, it may save you some money, but ultimately, sanding hardwood floors requires precision and skills that only experience can provide.

At Hatcher’s Floors, we ensure quality hardwood floor sanding and refinishing to bring your floors back to life without error.

If properly maintained, sanding and refinishing your wood floors should only have to be completed about once every 10-15 years. But the knowledge required for sanding hardwood flooring is best kept to the experts!

First, were your floors or floorboards covered with carpet? Are they in good condition for sanding? How many times have they been sanded? Do you have enough floor left to sand? Is your floor solid or engineered hardwood? Did you check for protruding nails or bits of grit stuck in the joints? Do you know how to work a drum sander?

If we lost you on any of those questions, you should not attempt to sand your hardwood floors alone.

At Hatcher’s Floors, we are experts in sanding and refinishing hardwood floors in Virginia and the metro DC area. When you hire our elite team, you have flooring professionals in your pocket to analyze and carefully sand and refinish your floors.

The Sanding Process:

What you can expect:

  1. Contact us for a free hardwood sanding quote and we will schedule an estimator to come and carefully assess your hardwood floors, as well as measure the room(s) in your home or office space.
  2. Once contracted for your sanding project, our team will remove any carpet, shoe base moulding, tack strip, carpet padding, nails, staples, grit, or any other potentially hazardous materials to sanding equipment.
  3. All interior doors will need to be removed, as well as furniture, drapery, and low-hanging chandeliers.
  4. Fumes from oil-modified polyurethane can be lethal to small pets (birds, guinea pigs; anything smaller than a rabbit) so we require that those animals be removed from the premises for the entire coating process. Larger pets can stay in the home, but we recommend securing them on another level to keep them away from the work area. If your pets are traumatized by strangers or noise, you may consider housing them at a friend or family member’s until the process is complete.
  5. Sanding: Rough sanding the floor is the first step. Then, the edges and corners of the room are sanded. Last, our experts will screen sand the floor.
  6. Sanding hardwood floors is extremely dusty, so after sanding is complete, we remove all the dust.
  7. Apply the wood stain. This step is only necessary if you wish to change or improve the floor color.
  8. Apply the finish. Water-based polyurethane wood finishes or lacquers, wood oils, or oil-based polyurethane wood finish may be used.


When you are ready to have your hardwood floors sanded and refinished, contact Hatcher’s Floors to get the job done right! Get Quote Now!