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Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation in Northern Virginia

When choosing carpet for your home, Northern Virginia homeowners are looking for comfort, durability and affordability. With so many different kinds of carpet, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, thickness and styles to suit your style.

At Hatcher’s Floors, you can put our three decades of experience to the test while we help you envision the perfect carpet choice for your space.

Why Should You Consider Carpet for Your Home?

With so many flooring options, carpet may be the perfect solution for you if:

  • You like the warmth and texture of carpet compared to hardwood, laminate and tile.
  • Your home needs more insulation to keep heat in during the winter months.
  • You have young children or pets and need a safer flooring option.
  • You have feet or joint issues that need relief.
  • You have a larger home in need of sound absorption. Perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.
  • You are looking for a quick, simple and affordable flooring solution for your home.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

Depending on daily traffic in your home, proper cleaning, and carpet material chosen, carpeting can last up to 20 years.

Let Our Professional Carpet Installers Get the Job Done!

From design choices to understanding warranty options, Hatcher’s Floors is here to help you choose the perfect carpet to enhance your space.

We are a leading carpet installer in Northern Virginia and the metro DC area, and an authorized carpet dealer for Shaw Carpets and Dixie Home Carpets. Shaw Carpets come with a lifetime warranty for certain carpet selections.

We offer installation only services and have the expertise to install custom stair runners, bound area rugs, wall-to-wall carpet installation, as well as onsite binding.

Contact us today for a free estimate and more information about what we offer for carpeting installation in Northern Virginia!


Frequently Asked Carpet Installation Questions

How much does carpet installation cost?
  • The average cost of carpet installation nationwide can range anywhere from $700 and $2,800. Carpet installation costs are going to vary based on the square footage of the room where the carpet needs replacing, as well as the type of carpet desired. Professional flooring companies will come to your home and conduct a free at-home assessment in order to take measurements and give you carpeting options, then provide pricing for the job. Quality carpet installation from a reputable company is a solid investment in your home.
How long does carpet installation take?
  • How long carpet installation can take is dependent on various factors, such as how large the room or job is, if it’s the entire home, as well as how much preparation they have to do in your home. If the carpet installation company has to remove a lot of furniture and then remove the existing carpet, it can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. Typically, you will want to set aside a full day for carpet installation, unless you are only installing in one room of your home, then it make take only a few hours.