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Flooring Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading flooring company in Virginia, Hatcher’s Floors is dedicated to helping all our previous, current, and future clients get the most out of their final flooring solution. That is why we have put together some of the more common questions we get about our services below.

Send us a note through our Contact Form if you have questions about getting your home or business floor refinished, updated, or installed. We look forward to creating an attractive flooring solution for your family!

Company Questions

What types of flooring does Hatcher’s Floors provide? 

We work with various hardwood, luxury vinyl wood plank, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, tile, and carpet products. That includes sanding, refinishing, and installation services.


Do you have to come to my home for a quote? 

No, while it is always better to see the physical space you want a new floor installed, we can work from dimensions to give you a basic quote of the costs and time involved in your project. You can also schedule a free home consultation if you would like one of our professionals to come to your location.


How much experience do you have with flooring? 

We are a hardwood flooring company in Virginia, serving the state and metro D.C. area for more than 30 years.


Why don’t you post prices? 

We are happy to tell you our price per square foot, depending on the flooring product. We don’t post all of our prices because there are so many variables specific to each home and business environment that change the costs.


How do I get started? 

The easiest way is to schedule a quote by using our Contact Form or giving us a call at (703) 451-0459. Then we can discuss your personal needs, type of flooring, and how we can help.

Flooring Materials Questions

What is the most durable hardwood floor available?

Solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring are popular, durable choices for homeowners looking to give their home a warm, natural look while creating a low-maintenance solution for an active family.


Should I expect my floor to have color variations?

All wood products have some degree of variation. However, there are products similar to hardwood from which you can get a routine color, gradient, and texture if you wish. Laminate and some engineered wood come to mind.


What are the differences between solid and engineered wood floors?

Engineered wood floors have a core made from plywood or particleboard, surrounded by hardwood veneer. Some types of engineered wood flooring also contain a moisture barrier and/or glue that helps hold everything together tightly so the floor can withstand heavy traffic areas. Solid wood flooring is made with solid hardwood pieces throughout (no core). This means that it costs more than an engineered floor because there’s no need for additional materials in its construction.


What’s the difference between engineered flooring and laminate flooring?

Engineered flooring is a combination of wood and composite material. It’s manufactured using high-tech machinery to create individual planks that look like solid wood, then sanded and buffed for a smooth finish. Laminate flooring comprises multiple layers of plastic or vinyl glued together in varying patterns (usually with some design), then covered on top with an attractive veneer layer that imitates natural hardwood or stone patterns or colors.


Do you install luxury vinyl plank floors?

Yes, we do install luxury vinyl plank floors. Luxury vinyl plank (LVT) is a popular flooring choice that’s been around for many years. LVT has many advantages over other types of flooring, including being easy to install, looking fantastic and low maintenance.


What type of flooring is most practical for bathrooms?

Bathrooms are prone to moisture, so it’s essential to find a flooring material that is not susceptible to mold and mildew. Bathrooms are also subject to spills, especially when a toilet is flushed, so you want something easy to clean. You may want to go with a tile or vinyl solution.

Flooring Installation Questions

Can a hardwood floor be floated?

Yes! Floating hardwood floors is an excellent solution for homes in more humid conditions like Virginia, as well as in basements where solid hardwood flooring would not be recommended. A floating installation of engineered hardwood allows for more expansion and contraction during the changing seasons.


How do I acclimate my hardwood floor?

It takes time for the flooring to acclimate to its environment. This is a process where moisture will be drawn up into your hardwood floor through a vacuum action, removing any excess humidity or moisture that may have been trapped in the wood. It can take anywhere from 48 hours to several weeks, depending on how much moisture is present in your home.


Can we install hardwood flooring in the basement? 

The answer is yes! Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for basements; however, it is important to make the distinction between solid hardwood and engineered hardwood for basements. Engineered hardwood is the better choice when opting for a wood flooring material to install in your basement. You’ll also have to take some precautions to ensure that the flooring will be installed properly. If your basement has dry floors, you can install the hardwood just like any other room in your home. However, if there is any moisture on or in the subfloor (the foundation of your house), then it must be dried out before laying any flooring materials.


What wood floor can I install over a concrete slab?

You can install solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring directly over a concrete subfloor. There are other options outside of wood products, but our team is happy to accommodate your personal preferences.


When should hardwood floors be installed?

Fall is the best option because the colder air exposes your floor to less moisture. Winter can be a challenge as the deeper cold can damage some flooring materials. Spring and Summer are okay, but you want to install on days with less moisture or humidity in the air, which can be tricky in Virginia.


How do I transition different types of flooring from one room to another?

We can use molding, threshold pieces, and other materials to transition between floors at the same or varying heights.


Why do you need to leave a gap around the room’s perimeter?

It varies depending on the product materials, but, in general, we leave a gap to account for any expansion or shifting. Most homeowners will cover this gap with baseboards.


Why do you ask if we have leveled the subfloor?

The more level and free from bumps your subfloor, the longer your flooring will last.

Care & Maintenance

Can I use commercial cleaner?

Cleaning your floor periodically is the best way to keep it looking its best. The first thing to know is that using too much cleaner can lead to fading, so use only as much as necessary. We suggest working with natural or proven safe products that avoid heavy chemicals. We have a list of recommended products for each type of flooring we use that you are welcome to ask us about.


Is hardwood a good choice for homes with pets?

Hardwood is an excellent choice for homes with pets. Hardwood floors are durable and will not splinter or crack easily. They also tend not to absorb urine as carpet does. We posted a bunch of info on protecting your hardwood floors from pets that you should check out!


Is it safe to use throw rugs on a hardwood floor?

Absolutely! We suggest using rug holders underneath your area rugs, entryway mats, and other floor coverings just in case. You wouldn’t want to accidentally slip while getting ready for work.


What can be used under furniture to prevent it from scratching the floor?

There is a wide range of scratch-proof protective options for your furniture. Most of the time, this will involve heavy fabrics attached to your furniture’s legs via a sticky peel-off backing.


What can be done to soundproof?

Hardwood floors can have an echo effect that some homeowners are not prepared for when the installation is complete. You can use area rugs and wall hangings to dampen this effect.


What’s the best way to hide scratches?

Scratches will happen. You are bound to get minor scratches on your floors between kids, pets, furniture, and the accidental fallen mobile device. Check out our article on how to remove these minor scratches from your hardwood floors.

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Reviews from Our Satisfied Customers

Their floor crews are top notch. We had 2 areas of flooring done. Sand and stain and a big patch job of hardwood in our kitchen. The work they did was exceptional. We also had full hardwoods put in upstairs. Installation was excellent. The floors look great. If you want great customer service call Ed Furchak with Hatchers and he will take good care of you,- and make sure they follow through. This is what a small business is all about. Great product and great customer service! Try them before you go to a big box store, you won’t he disappointed and their pricing is excellent as well.

Felicia Adkins

Local Guide

Very professional. Pricing was competitive! Ask for Ed he is a true pro! The finished work was beautiful! Would highly recommend!

Herb Chiposi