Real hardwood floors are ideal for anyone looking to make a lasting investment in the home or property, which not only looks absolutely stunning but cannot fail to add serious value. Hardwood floors simply ooze good taste and quality.

We offer an extensive variety of hardwood floors to cater to all tastes and environments, with an endless choice of finishes to ensure a flawless result every time. What’s more, each and every one of our hardwood flooring products is sourced from sustainable forests.

Bamboo & Cork

Bamboo and Cork flooring represents a wonderfully hard wearing and cost-effective solution, with the added bonus of looking simply stunning. Environmentally friendly and resistant to most kinds of dirt and bacteria, these floors are incredibly durable and work as extremely effective insulators.

One of the best choices for heavy-duty environments, these  floors are also exceptionally easy to maintain and repair.


Laminate flooring offers the best of all worlds – gorgeous looks, superb durability and low prices all in one. Our laminate flooring offers the closest replication of a real wood finish you’ll find on the market today, with the added bonus of fast installation, incredible ease of maintenance and a staggeringly inexpensive price.

Laminate floors remain firm favorites across domestic and commercial circles alike – and with good reason!

Stains and Finishes

The sky’s the limit when it comes to finishes – you tell us exactly how you want your wood floor to look and we’ll make it happen!

The right choice all depends on the environment the floor will be in along with your own personal tastes. Our staining options range from the most subtle touches of color to add to the natural beauty of the wood right through to rich and dark browns which never fail to add a new dynamic to the room.

We can also offer a wide range of finishes in accordance with the level of shine and durability you’re looking for. We know just how to make your floor superbly resistant to heavy traffic, or in more ornamental areas create a dazzling shine that will take your breath away.

Carpet, Vinyl and Tile

Along with our mainstay wooden flooring options, we also offer carpet, vinyl and tile flooring service which is again suitable for both residential and commercial environments. From thick and luxurious carpeting to hard wearing vinyl floor coverings and right through to ceramic and porcelain tile, Hatcher’s has you covered.DixieHome











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