Hardwood flooring is gorgeous, durable, and timeless. However, it requires regular maintenance to keep the quality and feel at its best. Hardwood flooring is susceptible to scratches, dents, and other damages over time. Refinishing your hardwood floors can help restore the original beauty of your wood and ensure it lasts for many years to come.

Many first-time homeowners or those who have recently installed hardwood flooring types may not have a good idea when it is time to refinish these materials. As a leading flooring company in Virginia, we wanted to help by putting together some clear signs you may want to consider refinishing your gorgeous wood floors.

1 – Color Loss and Discoloration

One of the most appealing points of owning hardwood or engineered wood flooring is how natural light plays off the color. You should look into refinishing whenever you are losing that unique color or getting discoloration in spots from high traffic and other damage. You do not want fading from oversized windows or an exceptionally bright summer season to diminish the quality and appeal of your hard-earned wood floors.

2 – Scratches, Scuffs, and Dents

Scratches and scuffs are signs that your floor is wearing out. If you have scratches, scuffs, and dents on your hardwood flooring, they can be repaired by sanding down the surface to remove the damaged area.

The sanded area will then need to be filled in with matching hardwood flooring or wood filler material such as putty or wax. The surface will then need to be smoothed with an orbital sander before being stained or sealed so it’s ready for use. You can also use a stain and sealant for cosmetic issues instead of having to replace any materials.

3 – Excessive Wear

You may have heard that all hardwood floors will, over time, show signs of wear and tear. This is true. Even when properly maintained and cared for, most homeowners can expect some wear on their floors. However, if you’re seeing damage that seems excessive or unusual for your home, it may be time to consider refinishing.

Excessive wear can occur for several reasons like:

  • Heavy furniture being dragged across the floor every day.
  • Pets who love digging in corners and chewing on feet.
  • Children running around with sharp toys (and occasionally falling).
  • Frequent visits from friends and family over the same spots all year long.

In all cases, if a large portion of your floor has worn down or has been damaged by these activities, you should consider refinishing rather than allowing the damage to continue.

4 – Stains

Stains are a sign that your finish is wearing off. Since the wood underneath has started to show through, it’s only a matter of time before those stains begin to set in and create permanent discolorations on your flooring.

Stains are simply a way of life in some homes, especially those with younger families. In that case, you may want to budget the time and cost to get your floors refinished regularly, like every few years or so.

5 – Water Damage

Water damage is the most common cause for refinishing your hardwood floors. Water can wreak havoc on your wood flooring, causing peeling, humps, warping, and discoloration of the finish. This is why it’s essential to take precautions against water damage to prevent costly repairs or replacements down the road.

Contact our hardwood flooring company in Virginia when you notice:

  • Faded or dull appearance (typically along seams)
  • Uneven color distribution (e.g., splotches or watermarks)
  • Squeaky sounds when walking across the floor
  • Humps in the flooring as you walk from one room to the next
Bonus Tip: Renovating & Selling

When you’re thinking of selling your home, it’s a good idea to consider refinishing your hardwood floors. Not only can this make your property more attractive and valuable, but it can also save you money in the long run in case the buyer makes the request, and you have little time to accommodate the need.

If you’re looking into remodeling or making any big changes, refinishing is an affordable way to add sophistication and beauty.

Getting Expert Help

Knowing when to refinish your hardwood floors is key to maintaining beautiful wood floors for many years to come. Knowing the signs of needing a new refinish or even just a touch-up job can save you the cost of replacing your whole floor and get exactly what’s needed at an affordable price.

The easiest way to know whether or not it is time to refinish your hardwood floors is to consult an expert. At Hatcher’s Floors, we have a team of experienced, professional, and detail-oriented specialists who can walk you through the common signs of refinishing as well as make recommendations for ensuring the job gets done right the first time. Give us a call today and experience the difference of a leading hardwood flooring company in Virginia.