Hardwood floors are the main focal point in many homes, so it can be devastating to find your gorgeous wooden floors have been scuffed and scratched. In some cases, the damages may even be so severe that the entire surface area will have to be sanded down and re-finished. However, for the not-so-dramatic damages, here are a few techniques that you can utilize to remove minor scratches from your hardwood floors.

The Walnut Method

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to use a regular walnut to repair and remove scratches from your hardwood floors. Walnuts are rich in natural oils that will form a layer over the scratched area. Simply rub a walnut over the scratched surface of the hardwood floor a few times, then rub the area with your finger to help the wood absorb the oils. Finally, buff the area with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil and debris. This method works especially well on light and medium-colored wood.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Olive Oil Mixture

Another homemade recipe that removes minor scratches from hardwood floors is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and olive oil. Mix equal parts of the two ingredients together and gently dab it on the scratched area. Allow it to soak in for about 12 to 24 hours before wiping the surface of the area with a clean damp cloth. This is ideal for shallow scratches.

Wood Blending Pencils / Wood Repair Markers

For deeper scratches and on darker surfaces, blending pencils or wood repair markers are an option to consider. These pencils and markers are created specifically to cover up scratches. Make sure to pick the correct shade to match your hardwood floors. If you cannot find the perfect shade, pick a color that is slightly lighter rather than darker. While these pencils and markers may not eliminate the scratch entirely, they will drastically diminish its appearance and noticeability. More often than not, this solution is successful at hiding scratches.

New Coat of Finish or Stain

It is possible that many of the minor scratches that are visible are not actually scratched into the hardwood floors. The minor scratches may only penetrate the top layers of finish sealing your hardwood floors. Once you confirm the current finish on your wooden floors, apply a fresh coat of that same finish to the entire area that has been affected by the scratches. If the area of hardwood floor does not have a finish coating but is instead stained, you can apply another coat of the stain to the floors. Simply resealing the wood should remove the appearance of any scratches from your hardwood floors.

Minor scratches should not be the reason your hardwood floors are the focal point of your home. Your hardwood floors should be celebrated. Eliminate the minor scratches and buff your floors until they shine like new again. Once the scratches have been removed, you can enjoy the all-natural vibrancy of your hardwood floors again.