Luxury vinyl tile floors are a popular choice for many homes due to low cost, low maintenance, and high durability. Some of the most attractive features of luxury vinyl tiles are the stain-resistant and waterproof sealing. Luxury vinyl tiles are ideal for high foot-trafficked areas, especially for homes with pets or young children. Well-maintained luxury vinyl tile floors may last for up to twenty years. Here is s guide on how to clean luxury vinyl tile floors to ensure your home looks and feels great for years to come.

Importance of Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors Frequently

As with all floors, luxury vinyl tiles require regular cleaning. It is recommended to sweep your floors daily and deep-clean about twice a month. While most luxury vinyl tile floors are waterproof and stain-resistant, spills should always be cleaned immediately to ensure the longevity of your floors.

Sweeping luxury vinyl tile floors daily not only prevents scuff and scratches, but it also prevents severe damage to the floors. Accumulated dirt particles will damage the protective layer of the floors. In turn, that will minimize the effectiveness of its waterproof and stain-resistant qualities. Once excessive moisture seeps into your floors, your luxury vinyl tile floors will swell, warp, and rot.

Sweeping Luxury Vinyl Floors

Before adding any cleaners to your luxury vinyl floors, it is essential to remove all surface dirt and debris. This can be achieved by sweeping the floor with a broom or dry sweeper mop. Make sure to use a broom with soft fine bristles so that your floors are not scratched. This will also trap dirt and dust in the bristles and prevent them from resettling onto the floors. Alternatively, a vacuum cleaner may also be used. Make sure to use the hardwood floor brush attachment for a more effective clean and protect your luxury vinyl tiles.

Deep Cleaning Luxury Vinyl Floors

While deep cleaning luxury vinyl tile floors may seem intimidating, the process is fairly simple. The most crucial aspect to focus on is which cleaners are used to clean the floors. Many floor cleaners may be too harsh for the luxury vinyl tiles and damage the protective layer of the planks.

First, inspect your floors for any stains that may have been missed or not completely cleaned up. Use a soft-bristled brush and a mixture of dish soap and lukewarm water to remove the stain. Due to the stain-resistant nature of the vinyl, the stains should wipe away without leaving any remaining marks.

Next, wet mop the floors to remove any additional grime and restore your luxury vinyl tile floor to its original beauty. One of the best luxury vinyl cleaners is an easy, homemade solution of apple cider vinegar and water. Any white vinegar will work as a substitute. Dilute one cup of vinegar into one gallon of water. If you prefer a store-bought cleaner, many options are available specifically designed for luxury vinyl tiles. Follow the instructions on the bottle for the best result.

When mopping, it is important to mop in the direction of the vinyl planks. If needed, dry up any excess water with a microfiber cloth and be sure not to soak the floors; saturation should be kept lighter than you would use on real tile flooring. It is recommended to repeat this process twice a month or every two weeks. This process may be repeated more often if you have pets or small children.

Final thoughts

Sweeping your luxury vinyl tile floors daily and deep cleaning twice a month will ensure the durability and longevity of your luxury vinyl tile floors. In addition to regularly maintaining your luxury vinyl tile floors, you can protect your floors by adding rugs and runners over the high-trafficked areas. Protect and clean your luxury vinyl tile floors regularly, and they will shine beautifully for years to come.