When it comes to flooring, vinyl wood planks are among the most popular selection in the market nowadays. Perhaps that explains why a lot of people are ripping up their carpets and putting down vinyl wood planks to create a gorgeous wood look in their living spaces.

It is an ideal option if you want to achieve a wood-look flooring without having to endure the cost and maintenance of installing hardwood. But before going to a flooring company in Virginia, learn a few things about vinyl planks first.

Types of vinyl wood plank flooring

Waterproof vinyl planks

If you are looking for 100% waterproof flooring for your home, then this is the right choice. This commonly features a four-layer construction which includes a waterproof core. This also sets apart the luxury vinyl from the rest.

Moreover, it is easy to install in any part of the house. In fact, it is thick enough to be installed on imperfect subfloors. You can install it on the basement, kitchen, living room, and the like.

Rigid core vinyl planks

This type of material is also 100% waterproof, which might get you to think what sets it apart from the waterproof core. Well, this has a stone-plastic composite core which is quite durable. In fact, its core is very dense making it practically indestructible.

This makes it very suitable for high traffic areas like commercial spaces. It is also designed to withstand dents under heavy furniture due to its ultra-dense core. An expert flooring company in Virginia ensures that products are guaranteed 100% waterproof.

Luxury vinyl planks

Typically, this one has a rigid construction which is made to be very durable. This has a higher quality than the old peel and stick variant. This type of material can withstand abuse, such as heavy traffic, kids, and pets.

Luxury vinyl products usually include durable, thick floor, with multiple layers, a realistic image, and a tough wear layer. Otherwise, it is not quite as high quality as it claims to be.

Types of luxury vinyl wood plank flooring

Rigid core

This is a joint system that clicks together each plank just like securing puzzle pieces. Each plank has a rigid composite at the core and acoustic cork underlayment. This makes the connection of surfaces flawlessly in uneven flooring.


This one has a tongue and groove joints to connect the installation just like the principle of building blocks. There is no time to wait for glue to set, which is ideal for use immediately after installation.

Loose lay

This type is dependent on friction to keep contact with the subflooring. Without being dependent on tongues and grooves or glue, this setup is easy to remove individual planks, particularly when certain areas need to be cleaned or fixed.


This type is easy to install by pressing down the plank to secure to the subflooring. But it requires 48 hours for the glue to cure.


The binding properties in glue help in the absorption of shock due to heavy loads, which effectively prevents indentations. This is suitable in high traffic areas or where there’s heavy furniture.

When you are ready to choose the best vinyl wood flooring option for your home or office space, contact our professional hardwood flooring company in Virginia.

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