Wood Look Tile Flooring Ideas and Styles

Are you considering an upgrade to your home with some durable, stylish, and unique tile floors? Check out our guide of the top tile flooring trends you can use on your floor, particularly on your bathroom, kitchen, and other water-prone areas in your house.

wood look tile scrapedWood look tile vs. hardwood

If you don’t think that traditional hardwood floors will be tough enough to endure your family and lifestyle, a great alternative is wood look tile.

A wood look tile can look and feel like real hardwood. In fact, you will be surprised at how authentic these tiles look and feel when tone and texture are added. They make the perfect choice when looking for a durable alternative to hardwood and luxury vinyl wood flooring.

Depending on your location, hardwood flooring may not be a viable option. Southern states that are subject to more humidity do not typically feature real hardwood flooring, as it buckles with moisture and can mold in the elements.

However, in states like Virginia, real hardwood flooring is a staple and can be seen as a luxury in some traditional homes.

When searching for the perfect wood look tile for your home, you don’t have to sacrifice the look of real wood, there are many options that bear a striking resemblance to real hardwood, without the long-term maintenance.

Trending wood look tile styles

The sharp resemblance of ceramic tile flooring to natural stone is popular but the art behind this disguise has became the cool and trendy thing in flooring. So, it makes no surprise that the current natural wood looks are among the hottest trends on the flooring market.

The latest trends in texture for wood look tiles include distressed wood, handscraped, and wirebrushed surfaces. Each textured tile brings a different look and feel to your home. You may choose a distressed wood look tile for a barnhouse appeal or a flatter, less textured tile finish with hints of grey and white for a more modern wood look.

  • Distressed wood look tile. Often mistaken as a handscraped tile, distressed wood look tiles appear as though they were already subjected into a lot of wear and tear. Thus, you can see burns, knots, scrapes, and wormholes on them.

    wood look tile distressed
    distressed wood look tile
  • Handscraped wood look tile. This type of appearance features long, ingrained scrapes with high variation between the planks. These make each plank look handcrafted, rare, and unique.
  • Wirebrushed wood look tile. This type of tile shows the intentional wire but subtle scratches leaving behind the heart of the wood exposed to the surface. However, the imperfections are more consistent and smoother compared to the handscraped or distressed wood looks.

Since each of these options are printed on tile, it creates a seamless pattern and look throughout your home.

Wood look tile textures and finishes can transform the ambiance of your home, turning it into a modern yet timeless floor without the hassle of hardwood maintenance.

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