Top Bathroom Tile Designs for 2020 and Beyond

Ah, the joys of updating your home. For many homeowners, the first room they consider remodeling is the kitchen. But, if you are looking to freshen up your home quickly and without burning too deep of a hole in your wallet, updating your bathroom is an extremely popular choice.

Whether you’ve finally decided to ditch those old pink or yellow subway tiles from the 1970’s, remove a cheap bathroom tub, or rip up that awful carpet (who puts carpet in a bathroom anyway?), or replace your formica vanity top, 2020 bathroom tile trends are ones that will stand the test of time and instantly increase the value and appeal of your home.

  1. Travertine.

Believe it or not, a huge bathroom tile trend for 2020 is travertine. This year, it’s all about going bold, going elegant, or going…. well…earthy. Travertine creates warm earth tones in your bathroom to make it look simple, stately, and stylish. You can install travertine on your bathroom floor, shower walls, and even as wainscoting around the room.


  1. Unusual Marble.

If we know anything about 2020 thus far, it’s that it is far from usual. Why should your marble be any different? Unusual marble material like Zebrino, Arabascato, and Paonazzo are artistic choices for shower walls and create a beautiful look when compared to the traditional Calcutta Gold and Carrera. When choosing this bathroom tile trend of 2020, be sure to offset it with solid tile floors and a solid neutral paint color.


  1. Shaped Tile.

Subway tile is so 2019! Ditch the popular kitchen backsplash option of subway tiles and your practical rectangles for shaped or geometric tile. A top bathroom tile trend of 2020, shaped tile comes in hexagons, scallops, and pickets. Installing shaped tile in your bathroom can make a huge impact on its style if you are not as willing to go bold on color.


  1. Mosaic Tile.

Mosaic tile is making a SPLASH in the powder rooms of 2020! Dramatic mosaic tile set behind the scene of a modern vanity, accented with brass mirrors and decorative wall sconces creates instant elegance and wows your houseguests.


  1. Graphic Tile.

Perhaps the boldest of bathroom tile trends for 2020, graphic tiles create contrast and accents like no other tile on this list. A huge trend of the year, this tile option is not for those who can’t appreciate their bold, beautiful colors and patterns. You can find graphic ceramic tiles at your local tile flooring company, but you’ll want to grab enough sample tiles to complete the pattern and visualize it in your space.


  1. Neutral Tile.

Grey and beige color tones have become so incredibly popular that a new color emerged – greige. Modern 2020 homes feature flat white or grey tile flooring with a subtle neutral shower wall tile.


  1. Wood Plank Tile.

You read that right. Tile that looks like wooden planks. Gone are the days where you can’t achieve that wood floor look in your steamy bathroom. Wood-look porcelain plank tiles are so incredibly popular and becoming more affordable. Their new affordability allows them to compete with waterproof luxury laminate flooring, but with the durability that homeowners seek for their bathrooms.


  1. Metallics.

Metallic tile is a unique and stylish bathroom tile trend for…dare we say…2021 that’s perfect for accent walls. Create a bold, sleek, masculine master bath with a dark grey metallic accent wall that will take your bathroom into the next century.


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