A Guide to Wood Look Tile Flooring

For centuries, hardwood flooring has been a sought-after flooring option in homes around the world. In Virginia and Maryland, it is overwhelmingly common to find real hardwood flooring in both residential and commercial properties.

Now, wood luxury vinyl plank flooring is dominating the wood flooring market. But, it has another competitor to watch out for – wood look tile.

Wood look tile is increasingly becoming a desired choice for homeowners who want the look of wood floors without the maintenance.

The advantages of wood-look ceramic and porcelain tile flooring are endless, but just to name a few:

  • Wood look tile is a tougher alternative to luxury vinyl planks and traditional hardwood floors. It can hold its own with kids and pets in the house.
  • Wood look tile comes in a wide variety of colors, textures and sizes for a true wood-floor look.
  • With wood look tile, you eliminate the concern in damp areas such as entries, kitchens, mudrooms, bathrooms and basements.
  • Tile is easy to care for—sop up spills with a towel and mop with soapy water. Though no special cleaners are needed, your flooring company may recommend using a natural cleaner like vinegar cut with water to keep your wood look tile clean.
  • If you hire a reputable, experienced flooring company, they should be able to achieve minimal grout lines, allowing for an exceptional look and even less maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of dirty grout.
Wood Look Tile Types and Styles

Wood look tile comes in porcelain and ceramic options. You can choose ceramic for value or porcelain for more durability.

Styles are endless when it comes to wood look tile. You can opt for a traditional tint and size, a large 12×96 inch plank, a weathered and etched look for a cottage appeal, white, grey, greige, cherrywood hues, and more!

Wood Look Tile Flooring Installation Costs

A lot of homeowners may not be aware that wood look tile is an option. Luxury vinyl wood flooring is a go-to choice for the feel of hardwood flooring without the upkeep, but wood like tile takes durability to the next level. While luxury vinyl wood plank flooring may run you anywhere from $1.60 – $4 per square foot, wood look tile is comparable. The real cost difference comes with installation, as tile installation vs. luxury plank requires more steps and a lot more precision. Wood look tile installation will run you anywhere from $1.50 – $3 per square foot, typically not including thin set and grout. Even though tile comes with pricier installation, the no-maintenance and long-lasting durability are certainly pros to consider.

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