Vinyl plank flooring is a popular choice for homeowners because it’s easy to install, low-cost, and can be made to look like natural wood. This is an excellent method to improve the look and feel of your home without having to save up for years to afford the purchase price of materials. You also have many options for installing vinyl plank flooring using different patterns like staggering each plank.


Most vinyl planks will come in the same size, but as long as you take some time planning out how you want your floor to look, you can easily create the pattern that best compliments the rest of your home’s décor. The best choice is to have your floors professionally installed by a team with pattern experience like our flooring company in Virginia.


What is Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring is a synthetic material designed to resemble hardwood floors, but with enhanced durability and ease of maintenance. This type of flooring can come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to suit any home’s decor. 


Vinyl plank floors are also relatively inexpensive compared to other flooring materials like natural stone or real hardwood. It is sometimes called luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl floor (LVF) and consists of long narrow strips of flooring that interlock together.


Vinyl plank floors may have been around for quite some time now, but many people still don’t know what they’re all about—especially how they’re installed. If you’re considering installing this type of flooring in your own home, we suggest you speak with any of our pros at Hatcher’s Floors so you can decide on a flooring pattern that is best suited for your space.


What Makes Vinyl Plank Flooring so Easy to Use?

The great thing about vinyl flooring is that it’s easy to install. Vinyl plank flooring comes in manageable sections, making it simple to carry and maneuver. Each plank is a single piece, so you don’t have to worry about seams or gaps between planks. The floors are manufactured in an interlocking pattern, making installation quick and easy.


Vinyl plank has many benefits over traditional hardwood or laminate floors. Many people choose vinyl plank for their floor aesthetics because numerous patterns and color options are available without sacrificing durability for high-traffic areas. All you need is a broom and a paper towel to keep these floors clean.


How to Stagger Vinyl Plank Flooring

Staggering vinyl plank flooring is a great way to make your new floors look like they’ve been there for years.


The first thing you will need is a leveler. This is used to adjust the height of your flooring so that it is even throughout the room. You’ll also need an electric saw and some spacers, which are used to determine how far apart each plank should be laid down before cutting another piece of flooring.


Next, you should lay out your pattern. Be sure to avoid step patterns or H-joints. This means you want a natural stagger that doesn’t create a repeating pattern on the floor, but something a bit more randomized. H-joints look like giant “H’s” on the floor, and can create weak points.


Try spacing your planks about 6 inches from the end-joint of adjacent rows. You should take the total measurement of the room to figure out how many planks you’ll need and then create a solution that has room for your end joints. If your planks are more than 2-3 inches in width, it is okay to extend your spacing to around 8-10 inches. This will also help avoid the dreaded H pattern.


Finally, you should try to mix up the patterns on the top of your planks, so they look natural when laid out next to one another.


Getting Professional Vinyl Plank Installation

You can learn a lot about how your floor will work when you install vinyl plank flooring on your own, but it can also take a long time to get right and feel a bit overwhelming. That is why we suggest having our flooring company in Virginia team help with the installation and selection process.


Hatcher’s Floors provides a wide range of vinyl plank flooring in various styles of thickness, durability, colors, and patterns. This is one of the best ways to improve your home’s look while protecting your floors from water damage, stains, and high foot traffic. Give our team a call today, and let’s find a vinyl plank solution for you. We are happy to discuss angle, staggering, and even herringbone installation patterns that will make your new floor look fantastic!