These days, making a home look good doesn’t always translate to huge expenses. For instance, if you want sleek-looking floors but you don’t want to spend all your budget on expensive tiles, you can opt for luxury vinyl tiles instead.

The viable flooring option is so popular because it looks exactly like those expensive tiles at a fraction of the cost. But like any other practical solution, there’s always pros and cons for using luxury vinyl tiles:

The pros  

  • It’s a lot cheaper.

This is the biggest benefit of using luxury vinyl tiles because you only spend on average $5 per square foot including installation. That’s half the cost of choosing wood flooring, which can cost you at least $10 per square foot plus installation.

Luxury vinyl tiles are also more cost-efficient to clean and maintain than carpet or wood flooring.

  • It’s easy to install.

Most of the luxury vinyl tiles that you see on the market today are already “self-adhesive,” which means that you can install them by simply removing the backing and pressing them on your floor.

That gives you added savings on labor because installing your new flooring could become a DIY project.

  • It’s stylish.

Whatever style you want to go for in your home, it’s easy to find luxury vinyl tiles to match it. There’s a wide selection of styles, colors and textures for luxury vinyl tiles to complement the other materials used in building your home.

The cons

  • It cannot be refurbished.

Unlike typical wood flooring, you can’t sand and refinish luxury vinyl tiles. And because they only last for up to 5 years with proper maintenance, you may find yourself replacing your entire flooring after a few years, which means added expense on your end.

  • It’s very hard to remove.

Since luxury vinyl tiles have adhesive backing, it can be hard to remove them once the glue hardens and sticks to your floorboards.

So if you’re planning to replace your flooring, it could be tough work just to remove the old vinyl tiles and you might have to spend on prepping your sub-floor before new flooring could be installed.

  • It can be slippery.

Some variety of luxury vinyl tiles could become slippery when wet because of their smooth finish. So, if you have kids at home, it’s best to choose a style that has a rougher finish to avoid accidental slips and falls when the flooring is wet.

  • It can be low quality.

Although you’re already saving money by opting for luxury vinyl tiles, you still need to be mindful of the brands you choose to ensure that you’re buying tiles that are sturdy enough to last you for a long time.

Thicker vinyl tiles offer better stability and quality, and it’s best to opt for rigid core vinyl tiles because they feel more like wood and can last longer than other types of vinyl tiles.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a smart choice for a budget-friendly home makeover. You just need to be mindful of the type, brand and quality you choose to maximize its benefits.

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