It’s no surprise that hardwood flooring is one of the most desired flooring options today. Hardwood flooring has become a sought-after trend in all styles of home décor. Hardwood floors are so popular, you can even find wood-look porcelain tile to give you the look, with the durability and ease of tile.

In Northern Virginia, hardwood floors are a huge staple in homes. Typically partnered with carpeted bedrooms and tiled kitchens, choosing the right hardwood floor for your Virginia home is the key to creating a gorgeous and inviting space.

The first decision you must make is whether or not you want finished or unfinished hardwood floors.

Unfinished vs. Finished Hardwood Flooring

Want a custom stain applied before the final finish? Unfinished hardwood flooring is a good option if you want to match the color of existing flooring or create your own look.

After hardwood flooring installation and staining, the flooring is given several coats of protective finish.

Many homeowners may shy away from choosing hardwood floors for their kitchen. However, if you desire hardwood in the kitchen, unfinished flooring is a good choice. Unfinished hardwood flooring has the added benefit of the finish penetrating and sealing the seams between boards, helping to prevent water damage – the main concern for the kitchen. 

Prefinished hardwood flooring comes from the factory already sanded and sealed, meaning the whole installation job goes quickly. Typically, this option is more cost-effective as well. 

Choosing between unfinished and finished hardwood flooring may come down to budget and preference for staining. If there is no prefinished option that suits your home and style, going with unfinished will give you more of an option to create the look you want.

What Type of Wood Is Best?

The best type of wood to use for hardwood flooring in Virginia is a good, solid, hard wood. The hardest wood types that make popular flooring options are oak, maple, and cherry.

Other options are bamboo, walnut, ash and mahogany. Hatcher’s Floors does not offer bamboo flooring, as homeowners tend to have many issues with it, we prefer using a hard wood for a better, long-lasting outcome.

Another option is reclaimed hardwood flooring. It likely has some signs of wear and age, but you’ll pay about half what it would cost for new flooring. Salvage flooring is an especially good choice if you’re renovating an older house.

Contact Hardwood Professionals

Our hardwood flooring experts in Northern Virginia will recommend the very best wood option for your style and budget. We also install wood thresholds, transitions, shoe molding, and reducing strips (used where your hardwood floor meets another type of floor in your home).

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