You’re finally ready to start your home renovation project and one of the first things on your list is putting in new flooring to make your space look new again. But before you get started, you might be wondering if you still need a permit for installing new floors.

Most home repair and refurbishment projects would require a permit, but not installing new flooring. You can start putting in new floors in your home right away even without a permit except if you’re using tile, stone or other related materials.

When do you need a building permit?

Simple repairs and improvements such as adding new flooring or installing wallpaper don’t usually require a permit. You only need to get a permit for major changes or additions in your home and those tasks that require, plumbing, heating, electrical or structural work.

In this case, you can let a contractor or subcontractor handle the permit application for you.

Most tasks that require you to get a permit are those that involve extensive work from professionals and when there are possible safety hazards involved.

For instance, installing new skylights, replacing plumbing, doing a major remodel and constructing a new deck or balcony would require a permit. Major landscaping also needs a permit. But if you just want to plant new flowers or organize your foliage, you wouldn’t need to apply for one.

When do you need permit for new flooring?

In most cases, you wouldn’t need to apply for a permit if you’re installing new flooring in your home. The only exception is when you’re using marble, stone, tile or other heavier flooring on the upper story of your house. That is because most homes are designed to handle only its existing weight, so any additional weight might make the structure unsafe.

By applying for a permit, building experts will be able to assess the structural integrity of your home to make sure that it can withstand the additional weight of your new floors.

Now if you don’t want to go through the hassle and expense of applying for a permit for installing new floors, you could go for lighter materials like vinyl or linoleum since they wouldn’t require a permit and you can install them right away. As long as you buy them from a reputable flooring company in Virginia, you can guarantee that they’ll also last for many years.

How should you choose the right floor for your home?

Aside from considering whether you need a permit or not, it’s also very important to decide on the right material for your floors based on your budget, the convenience of maintaining your floor and the style that will match the rest of your house.

If you prefer to invest in sturdier tiles or stones for your upper story, it’s best to work with a flooring company in Virginia to help you choose the right materials and a contractor who can apply for your permit. Hatcher’s Floors is a professional flooring company in Virginia that can flawlessly install whichever flooring option you choose; contact us today for a FREE flooring quote!