Wood Look Tile Laid Wrong Can Cost a Lot of Trouble

Are you wondering if installing wood look tiles can be done wrong? There are many ways to install wood look tile – from herringbone to even more elaborate patterns, but it should always be left to the professionals.

Finding a reputable company and materials

One of the favorite flooring and wall tile options among designers and homeowners is the porcelain wood look tile. Perhaps it is because of its allure in being rustic yet contemporary. However, when it comes to installing tile flooring, it requires experience and skill for a pristine look.

Installation mistakes to avoid

After the selection of quality product and vendor, the installation process starts. But regardless of the porcelain wood look tile you might have chosen, a faulty installation will ruin the overall result.

Here are common mistakes that can impact your tiling project:

  1. Uneven floors. You have to watch out for uneven floors before installation of wood look tile. If done otherwise, this could disrupt the tile layout and affect the overall appearance of the floor.
  2. Spaces between tiles. Not leaving enough space between tiles can result to a lip at the edge. This is because plank tiles might become slightly thicker in the middle during the manufacturing process.
  3. Lippage increase. There is an issue of lippage that can increase with 50% offset where the thinnest part of the tile will now be against the thickest part.
  4. Gaps between planks. Installing porcelain wood tiles can create a lip due to the grout lines. You can avoid this from happening with a 1/8” grout line to eliminate the gaps using the right grout color of choice.
  5. Not turning the planks. Failure to turn the planks to properly display and alternate the wood-grain pattern is another common mistake. You may avoid this by varying the print and check that the graining has a pleasant flow before the tile set up.
Signs your tile was improperly installed

If you recently had someone install wood look tile in your home and you suspect it was laid wrong, there are a few signs you can look for.

Pattern mismatch will be the most obvious sign your wood look tile was improperly installed. Unfortunately, there is not much that can easily be done to fix this issue other than tearing up the job and relaying it.

Another sign you had a poor tile installation is a sound of hollowness when you walk across the floor. If you reach areas where you can hear a clank beneath the tile, that means not enough underlayment was used and the tile could eventually crack.

Laying the wood look tile properly

A professional flooring company in Virginia can best provide the services that you need to install the wood look tile properly and give you peace of mind. However, you can also learn a few tips and tricks to check if the job is done right the first time to avoid the extra cost.

  • Choose the right adhesive. It is important that you pick the right adhesive since you are going to install wood look tiles for the flooring.
  • Pay attention to the tile orientation. Do this one row at a time and make sure that each tile is aligned properly.
  • Grout joint size. At least use a 2mm size grout joint and not a millimeter lower to minimize the unevenness between tiles.
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