Non-Slip Flooring Options

You may not pay much attention to it, but your floors play a huge part in the style and functionality of your home. It is especially true when you have older adults or children who could easily slip and fall if you choose the wrong type of flooring.

So, if you’re building a new house or refurbishing your old home, these are four of the best non-slip flooring options that you can choose from a flooring company in Virginia:

  1. Carpet

This is a classic flooring option because it’s stylish, soft and slip resistant. Carpet is an amazingly comfortable material to use for the floors because it’s cushiony and it offers protection against injury if someone falls.

Carpet also absorbs sound and although it retains heat or cold, it’s much more pleasant to walk on than tiles on colder days.


  1. Vinyl

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective but slip-resistant flooring option for your home, any flooring company in Virginia would likely recommend vinyl. This flooring material can mimic the look of ceramic tiles and offer the same convenience as using linoleum at a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl is water resistant and it’s also hard and smooth that you won’t have to worry about slipping. It’s also one of the most affordable flooring options out there and you can install vinyl yourself adding to your savings.


  1. Cork

Cork may not be the first thing you have in mind for flooring, but it’s one of the best options if you’re looking for something that’s slip resistant. Cork floors are soft enough to walk on, but hard enough to sustain weight and not catch feet like carpet does. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain, and it offers a lot of thermal and sound insulation making your home extra cozy and comfortable.


  1. Linoleum

Linoleum is a common flooring option for homes because it’s cheaper than ceramic tiles but sturdier than vinyl. You’ll also find a wide range of linoleum colors and styles offered by a flooring company in Virginia to match the style of your home.

Aside from aesthetics, linoleum is also water and stain-resistant making it great for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also easy to clean and maintain because it doesn’t hold on to dust and dirt unlike carpet floors.

Finding the Right Non-Slip Flooring for Your Home

When choosing the right non-slip floors for your home, it’s best to look for a few things. For one, the floor should be sturdy enough to last for a long time.

You can’t invest in floors that would need replacing every five years. You also need to look for the right texture.

For instance, carpeting might not be your best option if you have kids who are allergic to dust or if you have dogs since it retains dust and dander. Of course, you need to find something that fits within your budget.

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